Head of Creative

Role: Head of Creative
Compensation: $40k-$80k/yr USD + equity + benefits; see details at bottom
Benefits: generous paid time off, flexibility, and many other; see details at bottom

This opportunity is just for residents of LATAM countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Please, upload your resume IN ENGLISH

About the Company
We are a telemedicine clinic for men, helping them be healthier and live longer.
We’ve grown >100x since Sept 2022 (currently growing >30% MoM) and are strongly cashflow positive. We have expanded our state coverage to >95% of US population, have started to expand our clinical protocol beyond weight (e.g. testosterone), and are eyeing up international expansion. We are growing very quickly.

About the Role
As the Head of Creative, you'll work closely with our Head of Growth and CEO to develop and execute a winning creative strategy for our direct-to-consumer video ads on Facebook, Instagram and other channels.
You'll start by auditing our current video ad assets and performance, identifying opportunities to improve our creative approach and develop new concepts that resonate with our target audience and drive conversions. You'll bring your expertise in crafting high-impact DTC video ads to set the vision and lead the execution of breakthrough creative across our key social media platforms.
Your initial focus will be on creating and optimizing video ads that deliver strong ROAS and scale efficiently. Over time, you'll expand our video creative capabilities to new formats and channels, always pushing the boundaries of performance-driven creativity.
A key part of your role will be building and leading an in-house video creative team. You'll use your experience in assembling and managing high-performing teams to develop our internal capabilities and reduce reliance on external agencies. This includes hiring top talent, establishing efficient workflows, and fostering a culture of innovation and data-driven optimization.
As the team grows, you'll play a critical role in shaping our overall creative direction and ensuring our video advertising remains a key driver of customer acquisition and growth.
This is a full-time, fully remote role, and you’ll work async in the timezone of your choice.


Key Responsibilities
Straight away

Lead DTC video ad creation:

Audit existing video assets - You'll conduct a comprehensive review of our current video ad creative, assessing performance metrics and identifying areas for improvement. This audit will inform your recommendations for optimizing existing ads and guide your strategy for developing new creative concepts that align with our growth objectives and resonate with our target audience.

Build and lead an in-house video team - A key part of your role from the outset will be to build and manage an internal video creative team. You'll be responsible for hiring top talent across roles like scriptwriting, video production, animation, and post-production. You'll establish efficient workflows and processes to ensure the team can produce a high volume of quality video ads while remaining agile and responsive to market trends and performance data. Your leadership will be critical in developing a world-class in-house video creative function that becomes a key competitive advantage for our company.

Develop high-converting video ads - You will take the lead in conceptualizing, scripting, and producing video ad content that drives strong ROAS on Facebook, and Instagram. This involves leveraging your expertise in DTC video advertising to create ads that grab attention, communicate our value proposition, and compel users to take action. You'll continually push the boundaries of what's possible with video creative to achieve breakthrough performance.

In the near future

Expand video ad capabilities - As you establish a strong foundation of high-performing video ads on Facebook and Instagram, you'll look to expand our reach and impact by testing new ad formats, platforms, and distribution channels. This could include exploring opportunities in VSLs, YouTube ads, OTT/CTV advertising, and other emerging video platforms. You'll design creative experiments to identify the most promising new channels for scaling our video advertising efforts.

Refine messaging and positioning - Once you have established a rhythm of producing and optimizing high-converting video ads, you'll work closely with the growth team to continuously refine our messaging and positioning. This includes iterating on ad scripts, testing new angles and value propositions, and ensuring our video creative remains aligned with our overall brand strategy. Your goal will be to develop a deep understanding of what resonates with our audience and use those insights to inform ongoing creative optimization.

Need to have

DTC video ad mastery: You have 5+ years of proven experience creating high-converting video ads for DTC brands, specifically on Facebook and Instagram. You deeply understand the unique creative elements that drive performance in the DTC eCommerce space.

Video production expertise: You have hands-on experience with all aspects of video production, from scriptwriting and storyboarding to shooting, editing, and post-production. You know how to craft compelling video narratives that engage viewers and drive action.

Direct response mindset: Your approach to video creative is rooted in driving measurable business outcomes. You have a keen understanding of direct response principles and how to apply them to video ads that generate clicks, conversions, and ROAS.

Data-driven optimization: You have a strong track record of using performance data to continuously optimize video ad creative. You know how to set up and interpret creative tests, and you use those insights to make data-driven decisions that improve results over time.

Team leadership: You have experience building, leading, and mentoring high-performing creative teams. You know how to hire top talent, establish efficient workflows, and foster a culture of innovation and collaboration.

Nice to have

E-commerce experience: You have worked with DTC e-commerce brands and understand the unique challenges and opportunities of driving product sales through video creative.

Multi-platform knowledge: While Meta platforms are the priority, you ideally have some experience creating video ads for other channels like YouTube, TikTok, or VSLs.

Storytelling versatility: You are skilled at adapting your video storytelling approach to different ad formats (e.g., short-form, long-form, UGC-style) and objectives (e.g., prospecting, retargeting, brand awareness).

Analytical mindset: You have a strong grasp of marketing analytics and can use data to inform creative strategy and decision-making.

Entrepreneurial drive: You thrive in fast-paced, high-growth environments and are excited by the opportunity to build something new and impactful.

Our cultural standards
These are the core cultural standards to which we hold ourselves & our team-members:

Belief in the mission — we will have served 10 million users by the end of 2028 and we transform the lives of most users who join. We have a lot of work to do. We are obsessed with our community and are dedicated to the mission.

Bulldozing barriers — the world is malleable and we shape it. We truly believe this and act accordingly. We are at the mercy of no one but ourselves.

Unwavering integrity — we are at the frontier, so we often live in ambiguity with no trodden path. When we can’t look to others for guidance, we must maintain impeccable ethics and unwavering integrity.

Enduring frugality — we are frugal. We hate being wasteful and we are anti-luxury. We spend our cash wisely & carefully - in a way that would make our grandmas proud.

Do what is needed — speed is critical and often the solutions we need are messy. We are comfortable moving quickly and taking on gritty work.

End-to-end ownership — we are comfortable owning projects from noticing the problem to delivering the outcome.

Dedication to excellence — we are obsessed with our role, with a commitment to compounding self-improvement.

Commitment to candor — we believe in open communication and transparency. We are clear & caring communicators, welcoming feedback.

Only the paranoid survive — the road of expansion is bumpy. We are not fair weather sailers; we embrace the storms. However much we’ve already done, however far we’ve already come — all our work is still ahead of us.

Keep your head down — we’re boring people doing exciting work. We don’t chase short-term status: no media profiles, no bullshit conferences, no investor drinks. We ignore short-term dopamine hits and focus on what matters.


Compensation: $30k-$60k/yr + equity

Vacation: generous PTO with a yearly minimum (>2wks/yr + local national holidays)

Remote: our team is fully distributed across the world and functions fully remotely

Healthcare: comprehensive medical insurance (~$500/yr)

Personal development: budget for books, courses, coaching ($400/yr)

Personal wellness: budget for gym, health apps ($400/yr)

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